Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exodus 30:29

"You shall also consecrate them, that they may be most holy; whatever touches them shall be holy."

I've met a handful of guys here so far.  Most of them I have met on my own, through tennis or basketball.  Some of them want to bring me into their world.  I want to bring them into mine.

In an effort to facilitate this, I wanted to gather some of our guys from church to go see a movie Monday night and invite my friend, Tasos.  After talking with the guys at church, it looked like getting everyone together to see a movie that night wasn't going to happen (though there would be other opportunities for my new friends to get to know my brothers in the body in other ways).  I let it go.

Our coffee outreach on the university campus went really well on Monday.  At first, it seemed like we were going to be taking home 3 thermoses full of coffee.  It didn't seem like anyone wanted free coffee!  We were there at least an hour or more without having much conversation with anyone.  We discussed giving the rest of it away to the homeless.  Then all of a sudden we struck up a conversation with a group of students nearby and a bunch of people started coming.  Coffee and conversation started flowing.

It was so awesome to see our crew interacting with their crew.  I could see everyone's unique personalities and giftings flowing together in our group.  I just stood there thinking, "I'm so glad Jen is here!  And Amy!  And Tiffany!"  Jen was making everyone laugh.  Tiffany was talking to some med students about doctors in Florida.  It was so awesome.  It felt so safe and it took such a burden off.  We exchanged numbers and are looking forward to hanging out with these guys soon.

After seeing the Lord move so much in our corporate work together, I had thought perhaps that my solo efforts to meet guys may have been in vain, fleshly or illegitimate.  That night I was feeling a little anxious so I sat down at the kitchen table, took a deep breath and said, 'Lord, what are
You saying?'  Within a few seconds, I get a text from Tasos: 'Hey! Do you like to watch movies? Would you like to go to cinema?'  I hadn't said anything to him about my thoughts to go see a movie with him Monday night and here he is texting me!

I heard the Lord say, 'Don't forget about Tasos.'

Only Jesus.  His timing is impeccable.  He can redeem anything.

Please continue to pray for me.  I can become easily distracted by the 'unknowns' of the future and lose focus of the call and purpose of this season and today.  Pray that I would be filled with the 
knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.

Love you all.

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  1. I will Ben and you pray that for me too, and I will fast and pray for Taos tomorrow. I love you Ben!