Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 Corinthians 13:5

Hello friends,

This past Tuesday we did our weekly coffee outreach on the university campus.  It went really well.  We talked for some time with a few girls that were part of the socialist club on campus.

First of all, I have learned so much about evangelism.  The Lord really impressed upon me that love is 'no strings attached,' and I think that giving away free coffee really expresses this facet of love.  You want free coffee?  Take it.  Enjoy it.  Be loved.  Love doesn't force itself on anyone.  Jesus doesn't force His love on anyone.  What good does it do me to try to force my beliefs on someone else?  Not much, I don't think and that never feels too good on the receiving end.  There is only one Author and Finisher of faith, and I just want to stick really close to that Man of love.

After telling one of the socialist girls that we were working with a church, she said that was good and all, but society is what can/should really help people.  I felt the urge to challenge her statement begin to rise up in me, but I felt like I should just let it go.  You can be "right," but quickly become "wrong," speaking the right thing in the wrong spirit.  "Debating theology" for me has historically been a one-way ticket to the Division Station - especially here.  Titus 3:5 is a good one to keep close: "But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and strife and disputes about the Law, for they are unprofitable and worthless."

I played tennis today with a group of 19 year-old guys from the military university.  It was great tennis, especially with this guy, Bobis.  He is a really fiesty little player.  I really liked his intensity.  I think the Lord likes it too.  We exchanged numbers, so hopefully we will play again.  I've thought a lot lately about the turning point in my life when I really began to follow Jesus after hearing a campus pastor speak back in '05.  The Lord probably called that dude and I'm sure it wasn't always easy, but because he was obedient to the call, the course of my life was altered for Jesus forever.  I'm not as fiesty as Bobis, but in a way, Bobis is like me, circa 2005.  Being thankful for so many of the men and women of God who were faithful to their call and persevered in it, I'm encouraged to keep that in perspective myself.  Perhaps Bobis is the next campus pastor or evangelist to the nations?  Thank God for an abundance of grace and mercy.

Please continue to pray for our body, that we would put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity.  Pray that we would clothe ourselves with humility toward one another, and that we would be merciful, just as our Father is merciful.

Please continue to pray for favor and open doors for all of us, as we seek to partner with the Lord in establishing kingdom relationships.  Pray also for wisdom and discernment as we steward the relationships we have been entrusted with thus far.

But You, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness and truth.

Love you all.

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