Thursday, March 31, 2011

John 11:41-42

"Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. I knew that You always hear Me;"

Hello friends,

I just got back from our Thursday night home group in the city.  I'm so thankful for people like Elainie that worship God freely with their whole bodies, giving expression in dance and prophetic movement.  They spread a freedom and liberty that is infectious and permeates the spiritual atmosphere.  As a team, we felt like the Lord wanted us to facilitate an environment for the things God has placed within everyone to come out and be released.  With that said, we had a lively discussion of Philippians 3 - one of my favorite chapters.  It's cool to see people freely expressing what's on their heart and others responding with truth and honest, sincere testimonies.  The body loving the body is a beautiful thing. Grace comes in to fill, strengthen, saturate, and raise up places of weakness.   I need a strong brother and sister out there in the world doing damage in the kingdom of light. We all benefit from that. Not to mention we're family and we're here for one another, right?

Praise Report!  A precious member of our body, has been battling intestinal inflammation and recurring abdominal pain for nearly ten years.  Within the past ten days the pain was so severe that she was hospitalized.  After various tests she was scheduled for a surgical procedure that would remove a portion of her intestine, with a potentially complicated, lengthy recovery.  On Tuesday, a group of us fasted and anointed her with oil, agreeing once again with the many prayers that had been prayed, for the kingdom of God to come in power upon her body (And just so you know how holy I am, I had forgotten about the fast and ate a pizza for lunch, haha.  However, I repented and continued fasting ;).  When the doctors went to do the surgery today, they couldn't find anything to remove!  They just enlarged a slightly narrow passage and that was it.  Believing this good report is an answer to prayer - THANK YOU, JESUS!

The Breakthrough Conference in Lebanon is fast approaching. On Tuesday a handful of us from the Network Community will be depart, together with Rick Sizemore and others friends from the United States.  Things in southern Syria are a bit dicey in the world, but we're believing for God to make a way for our friends in the Damascus area to secure safe passage to Beruit.  Prayer is much appreciated.  Pray for protection and the peace of God in Syria.  Pray for the wisdom and revelation of God, for those leading and attending the conference. Let the Lord's will be done.  We depart Thessaloniki at 9:35pm April 5th and return at 8:45pm on Aptil 11th.  Here are just a few names of those participating for the purpose of prayer: Myself, Annika, Jen, Amy, Tommie, Yanna, Rick, Chris, Nancy, Emil, Rana, Hassan, and Joseph.

Much love.  See you soon,



  1. I'm excited for you! Hasten His return, man. I'm packing my bags. Like the Shawn McDonald song - I am ready to go home.

  2. yeah thanks for reminding me, he ALWAYS hears me.. By the way the Third Day concert was awesome! hope we can go together sometime. I'll even pay your ticket.. lol