Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I just wanted to write a 'quick' update before leaving for Skopje tomorrow evening.

Today ended up being a fantastic day.

Tommie took me to get a SIM card for the cell phone he is letting me use while I am here.  I didn't realize the degree to which I had relied on my cell, as my watch, alarm clock, planner and means of local communication, until it was gone for 72 hours.  Needless to say, it's nice to have those luxuries back.

(clockwise left to right: Kenneth, Tommie, Kim, Jen)

Tommie left for the Middle East for a few days, leaving his vehicle at my/our disposal.  I have to admit, I was quite nervous about driving Tommie's car on these streets, and though it was definitely a baptism by fire when he left me at the airport to navigate my way through downtown Thessaloniki, it ended up being a huge confidence booster.  Praise God Almighty, He lead me directly to Aristotelos Square, where I was to meet up with Kim and Jen, without having any real idea how to get there; even providing a parking space just feet from the main road across the street from the Square.

After meeting up with the girls, I had my first gyro platter at the intern-famous restaurant, Spata.  Having not really eaten dinner the night before, it made my first gyro in Greece, exceptionally delicious.

With intercessory prayer in town at the church at 7:00pm, the girls and I spent most of the day exploring some of the town around the Square.  It was great to finally get my feet on the ground and really get in to the city.  I think there's something about all the people interacting that energizes me in a way.  Worship and intercession seems to happen almost naturally, walking through the city.  They've been some of my favorite moments here.

After I ate at Spata, we decided to get coffee and just relax for a bit, as we waited for the cell phone store to re-open.  Most businesses close roughly between 2:30pm and 5:30pm for 'siesta' time.  It was good for the three of us to spend some time just talking, laughing, and enjoying hanging out with one another, as we adjust to life here.

I've realized there are fewer things on this earth that I enjoy more than interceding with brothers and sisters in prayer.  I think one of the reasons that I love it so much is because you can see the unity and fellowship of the Spirit of God in action right before your eyes.  You pray what people are thinking without knowing it.  You see what people are praying before they pray it.  Though people pray in a language you do not know, you can feel the power of God on their prayers.  It was great to meet a handful of new friends and have the opportunity to 'do the stuff' - the fun stuff! - alongside them.

Femi and his son, BJ

Afterwards, Jen, Kim, and I came back to Tommie's, had a really profitable time sharing what was on our hearts and spent the remainder of the night laughing about things that will likely not soon be forgotten.  "Tom Foolery?  Who is that?"

I picked-up Amy from the Airport a couple of hours ago.  It's good to see her and have her back here from Sweden.  I'm looking forward to getting into the swing of things with everyone, although much of the team will soon be leaving for Christmas.

Jen, Kim, and I will be headed to Skopje tomorrow to spend time with Bethany, Jon, and Danielle, through Friday.  I'm really excited to have the chance to spend some time and just enjoy them.

Please pray for the three of us as we travel to Skopje.  Pray that we would have favor and traveling mercies as we cross the border to and from Skopje.  Pray that our time together is all that the Lord would have it be.

Pray for Tommie as he travels to the Middle East through Sunday.  Pray for those in authority within the church that they would be given a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of His will, and that they would not grow weary in doing good.  Pray that we would fervently love one another from the heart and be unified.

Please also pray specifically for me, Jen and Kim - that we would rest in His grace and trust Him, simply loving God and others as we adjust to life here.

God bless you.  I love you all.  Please tell me how you are doing!


Thessaloniki Bay


  1. So glad to hear you made it safe and are starting to enJOY things. We are really excited for you.

    The twins were glad to see all the pictures you posted. They said "cocopay ben" which I think meant Uncle Ben. :)

    Yesterday we had an appointment and heard un-named baby girl's heart beat. (Ryan calls her Harpoon lol) We will have a 3D ultrasound in 1 month yay!

    Hope to see more updates from you!

  2. Agreed, very glad to "hear" from you! Praise God for all He's doing in your midst. Remember Ben, live today like it's your last. Love so that you won't regret. And as you say, I wish you Jesus.

  3. as you said fewer things on earth you enjoy but intercessory prayer...because the tantalising world is too big for us, yet its satisfactions are too small. Since we were made for eternity, the things of time cannot fully and permanently satisfy....pray is eternal..

    The bright yellow room