Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's been too long since I've written.  Forgive me!

On the 16th, Annika, Kim and I had the opportunity to travel to the island of Thassos to continue building relationship with another church that was hosting an evangelistic outreach.  Dimitris is the pastor, aided by Kenneth and Leona, another missionary couple from Sweden.

One of their church's short-term worship leaders, Mattias Ristholm, together with another Swedish folk musician, Anders Peev, form the traditional folk duo, Anda.  They performed several Swedish folk ballads in a historic stone and wood-beamed event hall in downtown Thassos.  Surpisingly, many of them were nothing short of worship songs.  I felt the presence of God and various impressions from the Holy Spirit throughout the night.  Kenneth shared his testimony at the conclusion of the concert and gave an invitation for others to consider the surrender of their lives to Jesus.

Kim and I befriended to two young, American-born Greek guys, Augi and Theo.  They run the island's premier tourist website, www.Go-Thassos.gr.  It was great making contact with young people from outside the church.  We exchanged numbers and were encouraged to touch base with them on our next return to Thassos.  These were great guys to talk to and have a lot of connections on and around the island.

Pray for these guys; that the Lord would soften their hearts, that they would have a revelation of Jesus Christ, that the kingdom of God would come upon them, and they be saved.  As Tommie encourages us, these connections with young people are like gold.  Even as I write this, I'm reminded to not despise the day of small beginnings - remembering these two in prayer specifically, stewarding-well what has been entrusted to me so far.  I think, I can get lost in dreaming of fantastic outpouring and sweeping revival - which is awesome, but speaks something else if I'm not actively, intentionally pursuing the one or two God-ideas and relationships that He has given me to start with. He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much.

left to right: Kenneth, Annika, Mattias' wife and child, Anders, Kim

This trip to Thassos was also a step in following through with past talk between our churches of developing further partnership.  I really enjoyed staying with Kenneth and Leona; as well as, hanging out with Dimitris, Mattias, and Anders after the event.  God knows where He will take these relationships, but they have to start somewhere!

I also instigated a snowball fight with two little kids on the street.  It was awesome.


  1. Freaking amazing dude. Love you dude. Keep hot on Jesus's heels. Snowball fight - I feel like you're right here! We just had an amazing white Christmas at the beach! The boys loved it, we got like 15 inches! First white Christmas here in 60+ years. We miss you dude, Merry Christmas. I guess you'll get to 2011 before we do so let me know when you get there if Its second coming time yet, I'm packed and ready to go!

  2. Hey, I wanna be in a good snowball fight!