Sunday, October 3, 2010


Welcome to Prepare The Way, my blogsite for all things life and missions while partnering with the Network Connection church in Thessaloniki, Greece.  My hope for this site is to keep it updated with current events, thoughts, photos and happenings relevant to life and the Lord's working in the Balkans.  This site is constantly changing and evolving, so please bear with me as we grow together.  Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

Grace and peace be yours in the fullest measure,


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  1. BEN!

    WOW!!! We just got your email and I immediately went on your site. Can't wait to walk with you through this new CALL of the Lord!

    Maybe we could get together before you leave on the 27th. PLEASE give us a ring...808-3409.

    We will DEFINITELY be praying for you, Ben!!!

    Much love to you!
    All Us McCarthys